Mind&Body Getaway

Full Body Relaxation Massage + Relaxing Moisturizing Facial

Immerse yourself into a state of indulgence for two hours, combining the best of two worlds.

This package combines a full body relaxation and therapeutic massage, followed by

a face treatment of hydration and rejuvenation.

The result is a more beautiful and healthier skin and a body and mind relaxed and in well-being.

120min - 62€

Sea Salt Body Exfoliation + 1/2 or Full Body Massage

Renew your skin and feel young, soft and rejuvenated.

Choose to add a half ou full body massage for a full revitalizing and relaxing spa treatment.

75min - 55€  /  90min - 65€

Ayurvedic Face & Scalp Massage + Abhyanga Pinda Sweda Body Massage

Lose yourself in an engaging sensory state of relaxation and well-being. Feel your energy becoming lighter, positive and balanced and your body more nourished and completely refreshed and relaxed.

This package combines an Ayurvedic massage with pindas (herbs bags) dipped in warmed oils, followed by a face and scalp massage.

The result is more nourished skin and a balance between body and mind, with a feeling of deep relaxation.

90min - 57€

mind fullness
Access Bars Therapy + Face, Scalp & Neck Massage

Empty your mind from negative and unnecessary thoughts.

Feel yourself more calm, lighter and with a sense of peace and space.

This package combines a therapy that allows you to release the blocked energy of thoughts and emotions, followed by a localized massage on the face, skull and neck.

Not only you will feel much better and sleep better, as you will also improve the course that your life will take.

90min - 85€