Emotional Healing

Access Bars
Release the energy that's blocking your life

This therapy acts on the energy of thoughts that have become a habit and repeat the same results in our life. Releasing this energy means releasing emotions and reactions that do not serve us. It means releasing fears and destructive thoughts. It means freeing the mind so you can access new ideas, concepts and possibilities.
Access Bars gives a feeling of peace and space. In a single session the mind is immediately lighter, calmer and focused on the positive aspects of life.

1h30 - 85€

Life Coaching
Consultation for personal and life development

This is a consultation for personal development, goal attainment, and changing mental and emotional states.
In this Coaching consultation you will learn much more about yourself and your energy and understand the results you are facing. You will get to know your limiting beliefs, blockages and resistance in the path of who you want to be and so you can free yourself.

1h30 - 85€

Zero State
Without resistance, your True Self can be

Zero State is a state of total mental and emotional freedom. It's a state in which we are free to BE, CREATE, and RECEIVE without the limitations of our own mind.
In this session you receive the personal transformation of a Coaching consultation followed by Access Bars therapy, and you will receive the help you need to start changing your life. You will get to know yourself better, your life situations, and start releasing the mental and emotional blockages that do not serve you.

2h30min - 125€